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Planting Design and Plant Supply

If you are generally happy with your garden but want to change the planting I am able to help you. I will take stock of any existing plants that you wish to keep and will then prepare a Planting Plan.

A Planting Plan specifies plants which are appropriate to your maintenance requirements, the growing conditions in your garden, and which will work together beautifully with the overall design. Plants are named using Latin names and their locations are plotted on the plan. A Planting Schedule is drawn up showing the species names, sizes and quantities required.

Before designing the planting I will make a Plant Palette which shows key plants and a colour scheme for your approval. To me, planting is the most exciting stage, the icing on the cake!

I will supply quality plants at competitive prices and set them out in their final planting locations for the contractors to plant, or, if you wish, for you or your gardener to plant.

Occassionally I will plant a very small garden but it is usually more cost effective to arrange for your gardener or for landscape contractors to plant. (Also, my back is not what it used to be!)

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