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Garden for an Art Deco House in Headingley, Leeds

Garden design client Linda Rae is switched on to design and a self confessed “plantaholic”. She had been adding plants to her garden for years, but the garden wasn't laid out in a way that the plants could be seen and enjoyed. Linda wanted a garden to complement her beautiful art deco house.

Careful site analysis helped us to decide to remove two big conifers, but retain all of the other well loved shrubs and work around them. The design of the garden matches the degree of careful detail inside the house, and reflects the lines and proportions of the exterior.

There is an easy flow and unity within the spaces. A limited palette of material colours is relaxing and allows the plants to show off; and tired gardeners can relax on built in seating while enjoying the fish in the raised pond.

Linda Rae had this to say: " Cheri, your taste is impeccable, and you can put that on your website!"


104 Spen Lane, Leeds, LS6 3NA

07958 199403

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