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Urban Jungle Garden, Leeds

This garden was a patch of grass in a built up urban area of Leeds. Dr. David Bell wanted to make his garden a special place where he could get lost among the leaves, with a big wildlife pond and he wanted to give up his driveway to make more space for gardening.

The design therefore includes raised beds just outside the house, on the drive, which leads down into a wild jungle, with bespoke Oak benches and a bridge spanning the pond.

The garden won entry into the Society of Garden Designers Open Gardens Event and was featured in the Daily Telegraph.

Garden owner and client Dr. David Bell, of Gledhow Valley Road, Leeds, says: “Working with Cheri on my garden was a fantastic experience, and a real collaboration. She listened carefully to all my thoughts and ideas – even the ones that seemed a bit crazy for a small city garden. She then developed a brilliant design that showed she’d really understood what I had in mind, and it was amazing to see this design take shape in the garden itself.

The build was quite hard going, due to terrible weather, but everyone worked really hard, and the end result was well worth it. I have the “urban jungle” garden that I dreamed of, full of colour and vitality. It is a daily source of joy in my life.”

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