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Poet's Muse and Wildlife Garden, Huddersfield

Adam and Kim Strickson had a chaotic area of overlooked, sloping land beside their home in Huddersfield. They wanted a lively garden, full of birdsong, where they could grow some food among the flowers. Adam is a poet and playwright, and he wanted a simple, semi-private rain proof structure where he could work, still in touch with the garden and changing weather and seasons.

The design uses organic shapes with lots of texture and colour. They layout was guided by the location of the sunniest and most private spots. Artist Cathy Kiddle has made a lovely pebble mosaic in the garden, and Adam tells me that the pond is now full of frogs and newts!

Here's what Adam and Kim have to say: "Cheri worked carefully and imaginatively with us over a period of months, showing us how to plan and plant a shady, wet and lovely garden suitable for wildlife. She prepared meticulous design plans and consulted with us at all stages.

She has a fantastic eye for detail, a fine knowledge of plants and took infinite trouble over both design and planting. Our garden is now four years old and continues to develop, surprise and delight."

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