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Focus on a Town Garden in Harrogate: Example Design by Earthworks Garden Design

I was approached last year by a family in Harrogate who were happy in their Victorian townhouse, but who felt like their garden left a lot to be desired! The back garden once had a large garage over one third of the area. This had been removed leaving a lot of mud and rubble throughout the garden. They wanted a lawn for their giddy Labradoodle, plus some stylish, lush planting that would be relatively simple to look after, and somewhere to sit out, relax and entertain.

After spending some time discussing their requirements together and surveying the garden I prepared the Concept Plan.

Harrogate CP no Title bar

Above we see the Concept Plan for a town garden in Harrogate.

Harrogate Sketch 1

Above a perspective sketch shows the view from the north of the garden looking over the seating area towards the lawn and house.

The Clients also wanted to have a feeling of mystery and surprise in the garden. This is one of my favourite design devices. It has been achieved quite simply by putting a small tree in the middle of the garden so that the garden cannot all be seen at once!

Harrogate Sketch 2

Above we see a perspective sketch of the garden viewed from the house.

The tree is in a braick raised bed and surrounded by evergreen Ilex crenata balls, soft, fluffy grasses and white flowers which will come and go throughout the year. This relaxing planting scheme is repeated at ground level, and stepping stones lead through the ground level planting to a paved seating area. Other raised beds within the garden lift the planting up nearer to eye level, and wide copings on the beds offer lots of informal seating.

Harrogate MP Sheet 1of 2

Above we see the Master Plan which is the more detailed drawing.

After The Clients and I had met again and the Concept Plan had been agreed I drew up a detailed Master Plan. This drawing and the associated Details further hone the design; help us to get a number of quotes for the constuction work which can be fairly compared; and gives the Clients and landscape contractors a clear record of what is entailed in the work. You can watch a short film about the garden design process at

Harrogate MP sheet 2 of 2

Constructional Details show exactly how the garden is to be made.

I hope that you have enjoyed reading about this garden design. If you are interested in talking to me about your own garden please contact me via my website at; or by emailing; or by calling me on 07958199403. I work throughout Yorkshire.

If you are interested in learning more about garden design please ask about the garden design courses that I teach at RHS Garden Harlow Carr, Harrogate.

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