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Garden Design Drawings

As a garden designer with an Honours Degree in Landscape Architecture and Higher National Diploma in Horticulture, I will prepare for you a range of drawings which fulfill a number of purposes. They fall broadly into two categories. The first type are illustrative drawings which help us to visualise the finished garden design. These can be plans (such as a Concept Plan), perspective drawings, cross sections, elevations, isometric drawings, and (the excitingly named) exploded drawings!


The second category of drawing is technical drawings which enable tendering landscape contractors to price the work accurately; enable us to compare the prices with the confidence that they are like for like; and which form part of the legally binding Agreement between you and your chosen contractor once they have been formally engaged (this means that they are contractually bound to do the work as shown.) Since you know that you are comparing like for like it is fine to select the lowest pricing contractor. I regularly put work out to tender for my garden design Clients and they save literally thousands, sometimes tens of thousands of pounds so it is common sense to employ a garden designer because the drawings pay for themselves.

Below is a selection of garden design drawings that I have made over the years. Click to see them in full screen. You can read more about the benefits of having a full set of drawings in my blog, or contact me to arrange a consultancy meeting, or to have an informal chat.

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